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Simple maps are not enough.

You know where your business/event is. Your customer doesn't.

Going to a location on a map is easy. Finding the exact place is sometimes very hard. You might be located in an office building with many other businesses around. Or in any other hard to find location. How is your potential customer going to figure out where to go?

But people will figure it out, right?

Not all of them. In the U.S. alone, around 40 million people suffer from anxiety disorders, meaning if they aren't 100% familiar with your business, they won't go. For you, this means less customers. You don't want that, do you?

Are you a business owner?

Have a shop, café, office, or a hotel? Placenav can help you easily create a step-by-step guide for your future customer. Tell them which doors to enter, who to talk to, how should they order, what is the check-in procedure and more. If people are familiar with the entire procedure, they are very likely to go.

Or are you an event planner?

Events are hectic places with many people around and sometimes confusing navigation. Placenav helps you create a step-by-step slideshow with instructions how to enter, where to sign up, what to provide and where to go. Your customers and employees will thank you.

Is it really necessary though?

As the Social Anxiety Institute stated: "Social anxiety disorder (social phobia) is the third largest psychological problem in the United States today". Most people with social anxiety would agree that it's just easier to avoid social interaction all together. So, if your business involves coming in contact with people (which most of them do), this is a demographic you don't want to ignore.

Okay, so what is Placenav?

Placenav is a Google Maps plugin which allows you to create detailed walk-throughs of your business or event. You can create slideshows on how to enter your business or how to sign up for an event. The options are limitless. Placenav also allows you to create custom styling for your map to tailor it to your website's styling, as in the example below.

Creating the map is quick and easy. So is the implementation. After creating the map in Placenav, all you need to do, is insert one line of code into your website and it will work.

Below you can see an example:

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