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Your potential customers might be confused about where are you located. Our app will help you fix that.

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Maps are not enough.

You know where your business/event is. Your customer doesn't.

Going to a location on a map is easy. Finding the exact place is sometimes very hard. You might be located in an office building with many other businesses around. Or in any other hard to find location. How is your potential customer going to figure out where to go?

Are you a business owner?

Have a shop, café, office, or a hotel? Make it easy for people to find it with Placenav. Your customers will be happier, which is great for everyone, including you.

Or are you an event planner?

Use Placenav to help people find your event and increase conversions. Less confusion will mean a smoother event organization for you and better experience for the people.

So, how does it work?

Placenav is a Google Maps plugin which provides step-by-step instructions on how to get to your business or event. This tells people exactly where should they go and makes them more confident about getting to your place.

Below you can see an example:

DEMO: Click on the red button on the map to open.


Familiarity = Conversions

People hate going to unfamiliar places. What if you enter the wrong door or get lost? This would be embarrasing. But thanks to Placenav, you can make first time customers feel like VIPs who have known your business for years.

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